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Glenbard West Super Fan Rules

Glenbard West Super Fan Rules
Being a fan at any Glenbard West athletic event means following the West Way and demonstrating good sportsmanship.  Here are the rules that all fans must follow:
  • All Cheers must be positive in nature.  We do not boo any performance and we do not use words that imply violence (kill, murder, etc).
  • All Cheers must be G Rated!  No profanity of any kind is acceptable.
  • Please listen quietly and respectfully to any performance – especially the National Anthem.  If the Superfans choose to sing along, we ask that they sing quietly, respecting the performance of the featured singer or ensemble, as well as the significance of the song.
  • Banana Cheer must be approved ahead of time by a Glenbard West administrator.
  • Any student who tries to enter the opposing team bleachers will be ejected from the game.
  • Any student who throws any object will be ejected from the game and given a consequence through the deans’ office.
We are all excited when an athletic team is successful at West.  We count on all of you to demonstrate class and respect whether at a home event or away.  
Go West!